Supreme Kids Magazine

Supreme Kids Magazine is an ultimate intelligent online magazine for curious kids and parents! (BN:3523779) Parenting Tips, History, Technology, General knowledge are blended into absorbing articles in a beautifully illustrated publication.

Supreme Kids magazine also publishes entertaining, unique, high-quality magazines and contents that nurture the potential of children and instill in them a love of reading and learning about themselves and the world around them.

The magazine is designed to challenge and stimulate children to realize their unique potential beyond the classroom.

Our readers are left thoughtful, like-minded kids, and there is always something for everyone, including Adults.

Supreme Kids Contest

In a quest to give kids a platform and raise them to stardom, we’ve come up with Supreme Kids Contest.

Supreme Kids contest is an online competition organized by Fly High Creations Founder of Supreme Kids Magazine, to showcase the beauty and qualities of kids; talent as well as influence.

The winner of this contest gets the sum of N700, 000 Cash Prize, Face of Supreme Kids Magazine, An Award (Influential Kid of the Year) and Media Publicity. First Runner up gets N500, 000 Cash Prize, media publicity. 2nd runner up gets N300, 000 Cash Prize

The contest would run in the stages (stage one, two and three), Each stage would last for 7 days.

Winners would be selected strictly by votes, contestants with the highest votes in the final stage wins the contest. Voting commences immediately after registration.

Each vote cost 50 Naira.

Winner Selection

• Determination of the final winner will be done via a 3-stage voting process.

• This process will involve Online Voting for Supreme Kids contest at N50.00NGN (Fifty Nigerian Naira) Per Vote.

• All voting will ONLY be done on the website or using any payment option made available.

• Judges decision will be based on highest votes and will be final

• Winners shall be selected as follows:
----•Stage 1: In this stage, all contestants are required to mobilize a total of at least 200 votes, at 50 Naira per vote, to qualify for the second stage.
----• Stage 2: In this stage, the contestants are required to mobilize a total of at least 300 votes, at 50 Naira per vote, to qualify for the final stage.
----•Stage 3: This is the Final stage where the contestants with the highest number of vote wins the contest.

• The Top 10 contestants after the final stage will be announced on our social media accounts – Instagram: @Supremekidscontest, Facebook: Supreme Kids Contest

• Of the top 10 winners, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd will be awarded with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prizes respectively, while the following 7 winners will be given consolation prizes.